• Protection against acoustic shocks and high levels
  • Visual indicator when limiter is active (red blinking diode)
  • Connect low-voltage In-Ear-Headphones/Monitors to high power outlets.
  • Small & lightweight
  • Passive (don’t require battery)
  • Comes with coiled cable (4 ft, stretched 8ft)
  • Angled TRS connection (mini-jack)
  • Adapter (Female 1/8″ to Male TRS aka Mini-Jack to Jack)

What is in the package?

PreservEar – Ear Protection
4 feet coiled cable the Angled TRS Connection
TRS Adapter

Shipping within US:

Price: $179.00 plus shipping $10.95 and local sales tax (only in New Jersey).


International Shipping:

Price: $179.00 plus International shipping $23.95.


Shipping to Canada:

Price: $179.00 plus Canada shipping $12.95.


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April 10, 2012

About us

About Us PreservEars goal is to help DJs and musicians protect their most valuable asset. Their Hearing.