Compatability & settings

Before using your PreservEar it is important to set the unit’s sensitivity to the correct level to match your earpieces to the PMR. The potential for hearing to be damaged comes from both the exposure intensity and exposure duration. Listening at higher levels reduces the safe listening duration, which is normally considered as exposure during any 24 hour period.

Use the form below to calculate the recommended sensitivity switch setting for your specific earpiece sensitivity. The sensitivity of earpieces is a measure of the audio level produced for a given signal input level. This is usually specified in units of dB/mW, but sometimes as units of dB/V.

Changing the setting of the PreservEar can be done with any small flat head screwdriver.

DJs & Musicians

DJs should make a note for multiple exposure durations. Some days might require settings higher then other days. Let’s say that you only use your In-Ear monitors for playing 2 hour DJ sets, you should keep the setting in mind for that. Other days you may be using your In-Ear monitors while DJing at home for durations of 8 hours, and would want to change your setting to a lower setting.

The same idea goes for musicians. Some venues might combine on-stage monitoring with IEMs, which creates a challenging stage environment to work it. You might need to adjust your setting to a higher setting to avoid pushing the PreservEar unit too hard (having constant limiting and degradation of the signal).


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