Does the PreservEar™ work with an iPod?

The PreservEar™ is designed to control the volume from high power devices like DJ mixers, laptop outputs or PMRs. It will limit the overall volume from an iPod but there may not be enough power to activate the LimitEar maximum volume limiter. You can also listen to your iPod, whilst monitoring a mixer, laptop or PMR by simply plugging in your iPod to the Aux In socket using a stereo 3.5mm mini-jack to mini-jack lead. If you wish to control the volume or transport controls of your iPod using the controls available on the original iPod head phones, you will require a 4 to 4 mini jack cable. Please contact us for details.

Why do we need to adjust the PreservEar™ to work?

The large numbers of earpieces available today have a wide range of impedance and sensitivity. To ensure the best protection it is essential that you match the PreservEar™ to the earpieces that you use and the time you estimate that you will be exposed for. Setting the unit is a simple process and can be done using the table in the Operating Instructions (if you have lost them and wish to replace them you can download the Operating Instructions and print another copy free) or by visiting the compatibility page on our web site which has a compatibility and setting calculator.

Are other cables available?

In addition we currently supply the following adapter cables as accessories:

– 3.5mm Stereo lead
– Motorola 2 pin to enable the connection of a Motorola fist-mic
– Kenwood 2 pin to enable the connection of a fist-mic.
– XLR 4 pin
– XLR 5 pin
– 4 to 4 ring 3.5mm mini jack to allow remote functions of some phones and MP3 players through the PreservEar™.

We expect this range to expand in due course to meet demand. Please contact us for more information and prices.

Does it come in other colours?

As Mr Ford didn’t actually say “PreservEar™ is available in any colour you like so long as it is black”.

Does the PreservEar™ work with any PMR?

Yes, if the PMR has a 3.5 mini jack for headphone connection.

Does the PreservEar™ work with Tetra?

The PreservEar™ is designed to control the volume from high power devices like PMRs. It will limit the overall volume from Tetra Radio but there may not be enough power to activate the LimitEar maximum volume limiter.

Will PreservEar™ protect my employees under the Noise at Work Act?

PreservEar™ is an aid to hearing preservation and will help users to protect their hearing. We are working on products that will provide Noise at Work Act protection and if you send an email info@PreservEar.com we will update you when Noise at Work products are available.

What type of fist-mics work with PreservEar™?
Fist-mics with the standard Motorola 2 pin connector should function with most makes of PMR, except Kenwood. We are currently developing a Kenwood compatible fist-mic for use with PreservEar™.

I haven’t got a suitable fist-mic, where can I get one?
Please contact us if they can’t help please let us know and we will advise.

How long is the fully extended PMR cable that comes in the kit?
Approximately 70 cm (that’s 26″ in old money) from plug tip to plug tip.

Can I use any earpieces?
Yes, if they are fitted with a 3.5 mini jack to connect to the PreservEar™. Note: Earpieces with active-noise-cancellation (ANC) or similar “active” functionality may not work with PreservEar™.

Can I use headphones?
Yes, with greater than 100db/mW sensitivity, though be careful as they might not provide enough isolation in noisy areas.

Can I use it with my iPod on its own?
The PreservEar™ is designed to limit the volume from high power devices like PMRs but will control the volume from an iPod but without activating the LimitEar maximum volume limiter.

What if I don’t know the impedance and sensitivity of my earpieces?
We suggest that you visit the ear piece manufacturer’s website and get the information from there.

Can I use my mobile phone with the PreservEar™?
Yes, you can use your mobile phone whilst monitoring a PMR. All you need to do is connect your phone to the Aux In socket of your PreservEar™ using a 4pole to 4 pole 3.5mm mini-jack to mini-jack lead, and then plug the ear pieces supplied with your phone into the ear piece socket on the PreservEar™. This will enable you to receive and answer calls using the controls in the ear piece cable whilst monitoring a PMR. If this doesn’t work when you first try it, remove the cable from the ear piece socket of your phone and try again.

Will the PreservEar™ control the volume on aircraft audio systems?
Reports so far from users suggest yes even though the PreservEar™ wasn’t originally designed for this purpose! PreservEar™ allows you to use your own high quality ear pieces safely with the audio systems on aircraft preventing the announcement audio generating uncomfortably high volume levels.

Will PreservEar™ protect me against acoustic shocks?
Yes, it will. If PreservEar™ is used with a source that doesn’t exceed the specified level and the earpiece sensitivity is set correctly the acoustic shock limit will be 110dB.

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